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Group Clinics

KPI group clinics offer:
  • Exposure.
  • Professional kicking coaches ensuring you a level of quality and personal training unheard of in the industry.
  • Concentrated class sizes that will have you competing against other top kickers in the area.
  • Preparation for game-like situations (live snaps and holds for kickers and punters).
  • Year round training.
  • On-site video analysis.
  • In-depth training (ex. technique, form, drills, speed training, and mental training).
  • Detailed analysis of what you have to work on and what your goal is for the next time we meet.
  • Opportunity to call or text Coach Guberman or Coach Fitzgerald at anytime to help you with whatever you need regarding kicking and punting.  
  • At home video analysis - Film can be sent to Coach Guberman or Coach Fitzgerald to assess your development when you're not at the group clinic.
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